Why Wait for an Injury When You Can Prevent One?

Pain lets you know something is wrong; that sometime during your run or long hours at a desk, something clicked or shifted into the wrong place. Often though, pain is a delayed response to an injury that has been gradually building over time, until your body screams, “NO MORE!”

Winnipeg Physiotherapists are working to prevent the strain on your body and to help you maintain your optimal health. We often see physiotherapy as a way to fix acute or short term problems, like a sports injury, but regular visits can prevent chronic pain before it starts.

The modern lifestyle is a sedentary one; we spend an average of nine hours a day sitting. Our bodies are made to move, and desk jobs negatively impact almost every body part. Poor posture strains your joints and discs and overworks your spinal ligaments, causing back pain. Long periods of sitting leads to muscle atrophy in your hips and ankles, and hunching over a desk compress your lungs and limit the amount of oxygen you take in. A highly certified physiotherapist assesses these muscle imbalances and provides a personalized treatment plan before an issue can develop further.

For athletes, small discomforts like shin splints and joint pain are indicators that you are on the cusp of a larger, and probably more painful, injury. Physiotherapy can prepare the muscles for the strain of exercise by strengthening and stretching them safely. This will prevent both acute and chronic injuries from occurring.

Whether sitting at a desk or running on a treadmill, the world is a minefield spiked with injuries. Physiotherapy services restore and reinforce your body, allowing you to navigate the landmines of life without worry.

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