COVID Restrictions Update – Aug 7, 2021

COVID Restrictions Update – Aug 7, 2021

Hey everyone,

With new restrictions that came into effect on Saturday, August 7, we would like to remind all patients of Inkster Park Physiotherapy that we remain open for in-person appointments. We have ample space and square footage that far exceed spacing guidelines and will be safely distanced within our private rooms (this applies for all physiotherapy and massage therapy services).

At this time, masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care clinics are still required as per government health orders and we are continuing to provide in-person service under the terms highlighted below:

  1. All patients will be screened by a questionnaire and must be masked. Patients will not be allowed on the premises unless approved safe.
  2. Stringent hygiene practices are in place for staff and sanitizing all touchable surfaces.
  3. Distancing rules are in effect with the exception of the therapist and patient.
  4. Therapists are working on an enhanced schedule so as to focus on treating one patient at a time.
  5. We provide private rooms for treatments.
  6. All Therapists and support staff have received their COVID vaccinations and will be masked at all times.

Please note we are still offering video appointments (Tele Rehab) or a combination of in-person and video appointments where appropriate (some future visits may only need a video consult.)

We are confident and comfortable with the guidelines in order to provide effective service to you and your loved ones.

Please call us at (204) 694-5359 or email us to book or ask questions.

Thank you!
Inkster Park Physiotherapy Staff

What is Physiotherapy?

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of an injury, disease, or disorder though physical methods, including massage therapy, exercise, and muscle manipulation. It works to balance the body through various forms of treatments.  Like a car engine, the human body is complex and all our parts work together to form an intricate machine. If one of the gears is malfunctioning, the entire mechanism is at risk. A highly skilled physiotherapist is your body’s mechanic, greasing your gears by strengthening your muscles and joints.

There’s a myth that physiotherapy is reserved for back pain and sports injuries, but actually, it can provide improvements for your whole body. It works to improve your quality of life by alleviating pain and and fixing imbalances within your systems. There are three areas of physiotherapy practice:

  1. Musculoskeletal or Orthopedic, for sprains, back pain, arthritis, sport and workplace injuries, and rehabilitation after surgery. Physiotherapy helps joints by increasing flexibility and strength in the surrounding muscles.
  2. Neurological, for disorders of the nervous systems, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.  Targets tissues surrounding the nerves to lesson compression and work towards improving function.
  3. Cardiothoracic: used for treating asthma, emphysema, and other cardio-respiratory disorders.  They use breathing control techniques to improve the mobility of chest and neck muscles through stretching and strengthening exercises.

There is a common factor to many physiotherapy treatments: exercises are a crucial part of physiotherapy. Your physiotherapists will provide a personalised training plan, with variety of exercises, all meant to strengthen you and your body.  Many of these will need to be performed at home, and this ‘homework’ will make the difference in how fast you recover. If you follow your therapy regiment faithfully, you will see results.

Physiotherapy also utilises a variety of other treatments. Acupuncture assists pain relief and muscle function, improving the ‘energy flow’ of the body. Ultrasound helps to reduce inflammation and promotes healing with ultrasonic waves. Electrotherapy uses gentle electrical output to reduce pain and encourage healing.

Whichever treatments your physiotherapist prescribes, know that they are meant to improve your entire body’s health.  They diagnose what your body needs as a whole so that you can achieve optimal health and prevent imbalances before they start.

Start your path to a healthier you and book your physiotherapy appointment now!